24 Gold: My First Venture into Niche

Hello once again <3. As the title eludes, the fragrance of discussion is none other than 24 Gold by Scentstory. Ah yes, I’m sure like many other people this was a fragrance that I had blind-bought not too long after watching Jeremy Fragrance’s glowing review of it. For those of you who have seen it watch it here. Living in Australia, a tester was not readily available, so I took a chance and ordered one to come from the US. It was my first fragrance I had purchased from a niche fragrance house, so It was an exciting time for me. Now was this fragrance worth the blind buy? Let’s have a bit of an analysis before I answer that question.

Short Background

24 Gold is a Niche fragrance from the not too well-known niche fragrance house Scentstory. Basically, it was named after the show 24 (I hope I’m not the only one that hasn’t seen a full episode before), which I always found kind of strange, but I rolled with it. If you know why, please feel free to leave a comment down below. It was released in 2010, put together by the perfumer Jordi Fernandez.

The Scent

24 Gold is an Oriental Woody. Wood notes upon wood notes, coupled with a sweet base of vanilla, amber and ylang-ylang. I can understand what Jeremy meant when he described it as being a ‘cherry oud’ type of fragrance. To my nose, upon first spray the oud is apparent along with what I believe to be either a very sweet jasmine (a top note) or ylang-ylang (a base note). After a while, the sweetness tones down and the amber gives the woody notes a nice warm touch.

Full Note Breakdown on Fragrantica here.


A lot of people are under the impression that this fragrance is beast mode, and they would almost be right in saying that. The composition of wood notes coupled with an amber/vanilla base lends itself very well to the longevity of the fragrance. This is a fragrance that could easily last me a whole 8hr shift (though I never really thought to wear it to work). The projection is amazing too, though you’d have to be careful on a hot day, it can fill up a whole room quick (or choke out whoever is next to you). The performance is very good, but in my experience, I wouldn’t refer to it as beast mode.

Appropriate Use

I mean, wear a fragrance wherever and whenever you want. Don’t let anyone stop you. This fragrance will shine on a cold winter day, all day (really though, all day). Oud fragrances are nice when you’re a bit more dressed up, but 24 Gold’s sweetness can probably merit some light application to casual attire. It is also definitely a consideration as a clubbing fragrance as well, just because of its great performance.


24 Gold holds a special place in my heart, even though I may not wear it as much as I used to. If you’re a fan of oud fragrances get your hands on a sample at least. I’m sure it will start you on your journey of broadening your taste, as it did mine.

Fragrance Review

Terre D’Hermes: Classy Bug spray?

Hello world, welcome to my first blog post! Today’s topic of discussion is a fragrance that, despite what the title may infer, I hold very dear to me. Terre D’Hermes (Earth of Hermes) by Hermes was one of the first couple of designer fragrances I had purchased during my early days of my fragrance journey.

I remember flipping through a catalogue of a very large discount chemist (I think we all know which one) and looking for a new fragrance to buy, trying to find one that stood out and didn’t recognise. Needless to say Terre D’Hermes had caught my eye.

I wasn’t able to get hold of a tester so I looked online for reviews on the fragrance in order to get a gist of what it would smell like. I just remember going to the youtube channel redolescence and watching his review of the fragrance thinking ‘damn people actually review fragrances online?’ Through watching the whole interview the one remark that stuck with me was that it smelt like ‘bug spray’. I’ll be honest after buying it from the chemist and smelling it for the first time, I kinda understood what that meant.

So what does it smell like? well as I’m smelling this on my hand right now I can tell you that the opening of the fragrance is a nice citrus blast with a deep earthy base. The citrus in the opening certainly does give that ‘bug spray’ vibe, but it is certainly more classy, more ‘dirty’ if you will.

As the Citrus cools down it is balanced very nicely with the earthyness from the predominant patchouli and vetiver notes. Longevity of the fragrance was decent, it lasted me a whole 8hr shift(barely). It seemed that it didn’t project far, definitely sat closer (but no that close) to the body, leaving close encounters with a good impression. This was a fragrance that I was more comfortable wearing to work than anywhere else. I just felt that the earthyness of the fragrance was too much to wear casually, although that determination is really a subjective decision.

Looking back at it in hindsight, I am so glad I had purchased this fragrance. It was not something too complex, too dense. The composition gave it a lot of weight, which was then counterbalanced by it’s eau de toilette concentration. It is unique, something that i have yet to find closely replicated(maybe i haven’t been looking hard enough).

If you are looking to expand your palette with a ‘dirty’ citrus I would definitely recommend, but please get your nose on it first. I’m sure you’ll get what I mean when I say ‘bug spray’, but don’t let that taint it’s image

It’s definitely the classiest bug spray you’ll ever smell <3.


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